Where do we get probiotics from?

Where do we get probiotics from?

Posted on Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 by Bottoms Up Colonics

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So, you know that probiotics are good for you but where do we get them from and what probiotic should we consume and is one better than the other?  Two that we know are useful for our large colon and to fight candida are Bifidobacterium and Sacrobouradis. As time goes on we will find many more and bacteria’s will become the base of our medicine.

There are several different ways we can absorb this super food and we can even make some ourselves! I haven’t gone into detail on all variations today but the popular ones I have!

One of the best known probiotic foods that we can eat is yoghurt – the live cultures, lactobacillus or acidophilus makes it a delicious fermented dairy product. Although be sure you don’t get caught out, by live cultured yogurts which are not packed full of sugars, ideally any product under…..0 grams of sugar! You can find several different good brands at your local grocer or health food shop, my favourite the raw coconut yoghurts that have not been pasteurized or homogenised or ideally I like to make my own, with our kefir starter and coconut milk.

Another great probiotic is Kefir, which is started by little granules, yellow or white.  Or to be sure of integrity of your starter buy the kefir in sachets. The granules are made up of yeast/bacteria, milk proteins and complex sugars. Goat Kefir is an excellent source of probiotic and even better you can make it yourself with any milk, from almond to coconut milk.  I tend to make my own using coconut water.

Now my favourite and this is where my passion for gut health started – Sauerkraut.  Sauerkraut is a probiotic that has come back in vogue, you can even find several brands at your local supermarket – be sure to check the ingredients though as if it has vinegar and sugar added it is a pickle not a ferment although it is very easy to make too! Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage, or can be other vegetables too but mostly white or red cabbage. Not only is it a great probiotic it is packed full of vitamins too! If you haven’t already you should check out my range, www.culturedcuisine.com.au

It is so important that we eat a balanced fresh diet in order for our body let alone our gut to operate at optimal levels. At the conference in August we will be talking more in depth about this plus loads more.

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