What’s your poo profile?

What’s your poo profile?

Posted on Tuesday, 05 Apr 2016 by Bottoms Up Colonics

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If you are one of the lucky ones it is similar to the dude on the end of the line up!! However if you are one of 80% who have some sort of digestive disorder you come somewhere else in the line up. Most likely you have a range depending on what you have eaten drank and thought!

I know this is a topic not readily discussed at the smoko or morning tea table but I am here to spread the word so we can make the un-talkable talkable!!

Why you might ask? Because it is about health and wellbeing it is about auto intoxication, it is about disease that is preventable, it is about cleaning house, getting the foundations of health right your body can blossom with vitality. Your colon is like compost. You don’t want to walk around with rotten compost inside…Do you??

So the question is what is a good movement?

Ok Poo? Unfortunately this depends on whom you talk to however there is some basics and some things to watch out for that might be telling you that things are not quite right.

Such as….

  • Going to the toilet and shortly after having to go again, this could mean you are not emptying completely the first time, this does not count as two poo’s in one.
  • Having poo’s that are running or skinny your colon as a circumference of 3 to 31/2 centimetres. If you are regularly doing 1cm jobbies you are not emptying.
  • Poo’s after big nights out, in my world don’t count they are beer poo’s that is just getting rid of debris hanging around in the Sigmoid.
  • Having to push until you are red in the face in fact pushing at all is not required. To test yourself Put your hands in the air when you sit on the toilet, you can’t push. Your poo should just make its way out.

So to have a good poo, drink water, it is like a lubricant for your bowel, eat fibre from vegetables not grains, eat fermented food (the forgotten food group) have a stool near your toilet to lift your legs into a squat, that is how our bowel is designed to work. Reduce the stress in your life, your bowel gets stressed and will close up shop.

You should be having at least one great movement per day where you get up and feel clean, ideally two is great. And some schools of thought would say one after each meal.



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