The Latest and Greatest From Bottoms Up

The Latest and Greatest From Bottoms Up

Posted on Thursday, 28 Jan 2016 by Bottoms Up Colonics

Greatest From Bottoms Up

So here we are again with spring around the corner, flowers getting ready to burst open and we are all saying, gosh its Christmas again!! I even saw on Facebook someone saying it is 25 weeks until Christmas!

It always makes me wonder if we didn’t have calendars and holidays would this slow the world down a little? We would have nothing to race against time with. I wonder what we would be doing differently. So while you ponder this I will let you know what we have been doing for the past 6 months and what we are doing for the next 6 Months !

For those of you who I haven’t seen this year, “Hello and where are you? We miss you!”

There have been a couple of changes of late.

  • We have the lovely Muiread working fulltime at the SuperGP clinic. She moved all the way from the land of the long white cloud – New Zealand – to manage the clinic for me. We are so lucky to have her!
  • We also have reopened Sydney St with Julie from I AM Bulk Health Foods. Julie’s mission is to support local farmers and to have great products in the shop so you can live a very, very healthy life.
  • I have the lovely Ela still working for us part-time in the Sydney St Clinic – at this stage on Wednesdays. We are seeing how this goes, so if you are keen to receive treatment at the Sydney St Clinic please call and make a booking and support us in taking the risk of re-opening.
  • I am available on Tuesdays at the SuperGP clinic and Thursdays at the Sydney St clinic.
  • We still have Annette from Yours Truly and her awesome team answering our phones and looking after the bookings.
  • Fiona has been helping me in our ever growing Cultured cuisine kitchen to help make our cultured vegetables and now our coconut kefir along with our flaxseed crackers and super seed granola.
Upcoming Workshops!
To make bookings and to get further information please click on the workshops that interest you above. Bookings are essential so we can ensure we can be prepared for a great workshop.
Cultured Cuisine is Heading to Sydney
Cultured Cuisine is making its first debut at the Indulge, Food Wine and Brewery Festival in October in Sydney. We are super excited. We will keep you posted on Facebook about our journey to the big smoke.
August Special
We are totally excited by our new cleansing performance and aging well products and programs. If you are starting to think about looking and feeling good for spring and summer well this is the program for you.  We have a great special on for August so go on to Bottoms Up Facebook page to get details.
Where can you hear me speak?

We have two FREE information sessions coming up on health, cleansing and wellness. I will be speaking at the Pioneer Valley Health and Wellness Workshop. This is on Saturday the 16th August from 1-4pm at the Marion Town Hall.

Another information session is taking place on Wednesday the 20th August at the Bucasia Beach Cafe at 7pm – 8.30pm. Hear about cleansing, health and aging well options and what products support the role of colonics to keep our digestive system and blood clean.

Gold coin donation for both information sessions and bring your business card to be in the lucky door prize.

To get more details on bookings go to Bottoms Up Facebook page.
Cultured Cuisine Recipe Book
The long awaited recipe book is getting closer as we speak so hopefully it will be available in September if not before. Its in final draft stage now and I’ve got to say, its looking particularly delectable 🙂
Note to Self
I have been looking at ways to raise awareness of the importance of bowel health and cleansing to ensure wellness and vitality throughout our life. It is so important that as a community we start to talk about this as the rise in Diabetes, child hood obesity leaning disorders/Autism/Aspergers and cancer are going through the roof.
Remember all of these are lifestyle diseases, we can change this, we don’t have much control over our lives however we still have the opportunity to reclaim our health by choosing what we put in our mouth, brain and body.
We are at the stage that research is predicting we are going to be seeing our children die before us. I don’t know about you but that makes me so sad. I already see this in the clinic with children presenting with a range of digestive issues and 30 year old women unable to have a baby.
Give your kids a great start, feed them lots of yummy food filled with love and remember things like MacDonald’s are not treats.  Would you feed your pet this as a treat? No its poison.
See you in the clinic or at a workshop or on Facebook 🙂
PS Thanks for all of the support over the years. Bottoms Up is 8 this year!


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