Reconnecting body, mind and spirit

Reconnecting body, mind and spirit

Posted on Tuesday, 05 Apr 2016 by Bottoms Up Colonics

Reconnecting body, mind & spirit

Let food be thy medicine and let thee body heal thyself.

My unstoppable belief in the bodies ability to heal itself is grounded in what I see every week in my clinic with different clients coming in after receiving a diagnosis that leaves them confused and saddened about what step to take next.

If we consider the three biggest killers are Heart disease, Cancer and Diabetics. Obesity levels are increasing worldwide, putting a further strain on the already stretched mainstream health system. However all of the so called diseases are diet and life style related. The positive side of this is that we have complete control over our health. We can reclaim our health from the pharmaceutical and Monsanto corporations and make daily choices to be well, in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Just imagine for a moment that you could become your own medicine man or woman, that your body and mind could change your health around. We know this can happen. We just need to read medical studies where they used the Placebo and the participants had health changes while on Placebo. These are great studies of the power of the body and mind.

Lisa Rankin MD says:

“To say you can heal yourself is kind of a misnomer. As I elucidate in great detail in Chapter 3 of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, the data suggests that your body can heal itself, but it does so much more effectively when the process is facilitated by the right kinds of healers who support the body’s self-healing process. These may include doctors and nurses, but they may also include therapists, acupuncturists, energy healers, naturopaths, shamans, and many other modalities of healing practitioners. A combination of positive belief on the part of your provider and nurturing care that leaves your amygdala feeling calm and safe has been scientifically proven to improve health outcomes.”

Bottoms Up mission is to allow our clients the space to reclaim their health through reconnecting with their Body and Mind and Spirit. We do this with colonic hydrotherapy, massage, healings and counselling, retreats offering juice fasting. We work with clients with a range of health concerns from cancer to constipation.

It’s not about giving the fish medicine its about changing its water.

Merry Christmas and a very big thankyou to all of our amazing clients who have supported Bottoms Up this year. It has been our pleasure in working with you to change your water, to see you full of abundance and vitality. May your Christmas be everything you hoped for!

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