Men and their health in the workplace

Men and their health in the workplace

Posted on Tuesday, 05 Apr 2016 by Bottoms Up Colonics

Men and their health in the workplace

Men in the mining industry, shift work, or even in high demanding long hour days in the work place put their body under enormous stress, stress that we don’t see until it manifests as a symptom, such as weight gain, high blood pressure, digestive issues or dare I say erectile dysfunction. Hopefully we can catch these symptoms before they turn into a serious health concern such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

While women also have these long hours in stressful workplaces we are also a little better at looking after ourselves calling on whatever therapies are needed at the time. Our health needs are a little different.

I hear often in my clinic from my male clients that they have no energy, they have put on weight, can’t sleep, that they drink too much and eat too much camp food, or bad fast food in general. They are looking for solutions, they are worried that they are nearing 40 and they feel 80, not sure of how or where to start to make significant changes. As time is limited and as access to good food is also limited, I have found that over time it is about adding in what they are having on a daily basis to help them improve their health and vitality.

Four of the strategies that I have used successfully are:


You have heard this many times, it gives you more energy than energy drinks and doesn’t give you cancer.. when you don’t drink water your brain and liver dehydrate meaning you can’t think well or stay focused and your body can’t eliminate toxins further promoting autointoxication which will drain your energy.


Through a fermented or sprouted green powder, from the land and sea, our adrenal system that looks after our energy needs mineral to function. Did you know that soil has 108 minerals as does our body.


Not only is this full of bacteria’s, enzymes and minerals it supports the liver and detoxification pathways making us feel vibrant and balanced.


Yes, breath into your belly before going to bed. Place your hands on your belly and breath in and out feeling the rise and fall of your abdomen for 20 minutes. This not only gets rid of stale air and toxins but lowers cortisol so you can rest.

Add in these four simple steps and watch your vitality grow, your positive thinking exude, and your wellbeing skyrocket. If you would like to know more I do health and lifestyle consultations either individually or in workplace on how to manage emotional, spiritual and physical stress. Stress is the biggest cause of inflammation in our body leaving it open to disease. It is also preventable.

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