Aging well is this possible?

Aging well is this possible?

Posted on Tuesday, 05 Apr 2016 by Bottoms Up Colonics

Aging well is this possible?

Aging in our community is still seen as something that we need to fight, something that we may even want to hide. It has been seen that to age means for woman at least that we become devalued and redundant in our positions of mother wife and possibly employee.

It is that time when children if we had them are all grown up and on their way to their own life, if it has been career often we have reached our goals set and are left sitting with what now. Along with this for woman our hormones once again go through a transition as they did from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and now from adulthood to what I like to call our wise years. Or in the medical world its called menopause or as some others might say MEN a Pause.

It’s a time when many woman are lead to believe that it is time for HRT or they may go to the medical arena for some help and they are told “it’s Just Menopause” or you can’t lose weight as it is menopause this is to be expected or another one we hear is its Ok you are getting old now weight gain and lack of libido is normal!!

Well I don’t know about you other woman out there but I prefer the theory that our 50 is now a 40 so we have at least 10 years of extra health and vitality to live.

We know that diet plays a crucial role in aging well ensuring our transition into our wise years is as smooth as possible without medical or drug intervention.

So it’s not about fighting the inevitable clock, we have been getting old since conception, however we can choose how we age, what elements of life to we want to embrace, what activities do we do that fulfil us in every way and most importantly how we view and talk to our self in this stage of our life. What is our attitude when we wake in the morning, is it one of excitement and anticipation of what your day might bring. And if it is not what we want how can we change it. After all life is a blessing we have had 50 years to practice so now it is time to nurture and create our self love to pass on to others. To ensure that we have this right attitude and vitality the right food is imperative. What feeds your gut feeds your cells and feeds your brain, your food is who you become.

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