Rojas Therapeutic Colonics Training

Rojas Therapeutic Colonics Training

Posted on Friday, 19 Jun 2020 by Bottoms Up Colonics


November 2022 – dates to be announced shortly


“We just finished our training with the lovely Sue and it was amazing. Sue’s knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for what she does is contagious and I personally can not thank her enough for her teaching, encouragement and guidance. Can not wait to do further training and learning with her. Highly recommend.


It really felt like  such a privilege to have the training with Sue. Best thing about training is that it is so hands on and Sue is so involved in guiding the process. I was always surprised to see how much of release you get when you tap into people’s emotions, allows them to release more on a higher level as well as physical. 


The words are life saving, you learn so much and completely reeducated about poo. You think you know a lot and come here and it all changes. It is life changing. I was really challenged but it was so beneficial, so just do it. 


The rediscovering of this healing modality, that many people have forgotten about. It is amazing.


Well after being a registered nurse after 26 years, I got to learn this side of the world and the body that I have never really understood. And I lost 6kgs as a bonus.


Well I have loved learning about the colon that I knew nothing about, learning about parasites, lots of learning, lots of levels, I didn’t realise the level you would be taken to emotionally and spiritually.


Just about giving a colonic it was about all the systems, it’s not just the colon, the food, the emotion, the parasites.


Well I didn’t think I would come here, what I have learnt is that everything comes from our gut, Definitely  would do again and highly recommend.


It’s been a journey in itself, how everything is so connected and gut is our second brain, and what we store within, I have come from fitness energy so I am changing everything around. I love it. 


I have loved every second of it, the ups and downs, I have done lots of work on myself and feel so much better, so excited about all my new information and skills and new world open up and I can make a difference one belly at a time. 


it’s been amazing with a personal journey, colon health and transformation in myself using the principles we have learnt.  My head is clear, everything is brighter, given space.


incredible week very intensive both personal and in the learning, but it has been great.


Visit here for more information:

Australian International Colon Hydrotherapy training Centre

Bottoms Up Colonic by Bottoms Up Colonics

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