The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Posted on Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022 by Bottoms Up Colonics

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Looking to cleanse your colon in a healthy and holistic manner? Colon hydrotherapy can flush out any unwanted toxins and accumulated waste in your colon. This can help to keep your body hydrated and balanced, along with many other health benefits.

In this blog, we explore what happens during colonic hydrotherapy and its benefits, and how you can start your journey to a healthy colon.

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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is the medical practice of flushing out your colon with water and, in some cases, nutrient-based implants. Here at Bottoms Up, we adopt the closed colonic method.

This is when the practitioner gets you to lie down on a table, then gently inserts a speculum with an inlet and outlet tubing into your colon. This ensures the flow of water for the colonic irrigation flows smoothly and undisturbed. Our colonic therapists stay in the room with you, massaging your abdomen to support the elimination process.

Prior to your session, we recommend eating a high-fibre, vegetarian-style diet for a few days. You should also keep your fluids up and drink plenty of water to help reduce the risk of dehydration post-irrigation.

You may feel some discomfort at first, but as the hydrotherapy process continues, you should start to relax a bit more. Our team of specialists will be there every step of the way, ensuring your comfort is a top priority.

What are the Benefits?

Increased Energy Levels

The colon’s primary purpose is to remove any solid waste from the body. But for some people, waste builds up in their colon over time, meaning it can take more time and energy for the body to expel this unwanted matter from the body.

This is where colon hydrotherapy comes in. The process softens, then flushes out, unwanted waste to create a balanced ecosystem for good gut health. When these toxins are gone from your colon, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get rid of any excess faecal matter. This gives your body more energy to expend in other ways.

For some people, the effects might not stay for an extended period, as it may take multiple colonic irrigation sessions to fully unblock your colon and remove bad bacteria.

Improved Digestion

Your colon is home to an abundance of healthy bacteria that helps your body expel additional body wastes. But these bacteria can be harmed over time due to a number of factors. This can then trigger numerous symptoms, such as stomach cramps, constipation and low energy.

Colon hydrotherapy flushes out the harmful bacteria in your colon, giving the healthier bacteria room to flourish and grow. This promotes a healthier digestive system and a stronger colon, meaning that you can digest food better and get rid of waste easier.

Better Focus and Mood 

Did you know that your colon and concentration capabilities are connected? A blocked digestive system can impair your ability to concentrate and focus on day-to-day tasks. Your colon can send signals to the brain, and vice versa. When your colon is blocked up, it can prevent vitamins being absorbed properly. This in turn can lead to the brain not getting the nutrients it needs to function properly.

In a similar vein, your mental health is tied to your colon too. When the colon becomes troubled by bad bacteria, blocked or inflamed, the brain receives signals and becomes the product of some common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression.

As a colonic irrigation flushes out built-up faecal matter and bad bacteria, it restores the body’s ability to properly absorb vitamins to improve your concentrating capabilities and overall mental wellbeing.

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At Bottoms Up, we’re passionate about all aspects of gut health and improving your overall wellbeing. We believe that colonic irrigation can help you, no matter your lifestyle.

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