It’s World Diabetes Day!

It’s World Diabetes Day!

Posted on Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 by Bottoms Up Colonics

It’s World Diabetes Day!

Did you know that diabetes is the fastest growing disease in Australia?  Astonishing 280 people per day are being diagnosed, with one in six of our aboriginal people over 25 are being diagnosed. There is growth in both type 1 (body doesn’t produce insulin) and Type II (body doesn’t recognize insulin or cant pick it up so produces too much insulin) and did you know there is such a thing as Type 1.5 now? (Body swings between both) Crickey, when did that happen? Now, we should be worried.

Historically, the effects of diabetes were not seen as a huge concern because Type I was rare, Type 1.5 was non-existent and the onset of Type II diabetes came later in life. Although Type II could lead to limb amputation, blindness or kidney dialysis if left untreated. However, it was not a huge burden on the people or with the medical system, as this typically happened to the older generations.  Today with the growth and onset of diabetes in childhood we now have real issues.  The only winner is big pharma (Pharmaceutical companies) Diabetes is long term and is silent, creating customers for many years, increasing the use of medications therefore, increase spending by diabetics.

The saddest thing, diabetes is COMPLETELY reversible with diet. Yes, it is, no drugs needed. This means that you can’t eat pizza and a fizzy drink to then shoot yourself with insulin to counteract the effect.  Fair to say, diabetes is committing suicide at a slow rate, not fair for you or your loved ones. Unfortunately, this is what big pharma has led us to believe – when you fall ill, the only cure is pharmaceutical medicine. They don’t teach us to change any lifestyle behaviours to prevent illness because they need us as long-serving customers. We all would love a quick fix wouldn’t we? but who loves being healthy over illness?

What we are feeding our children is determining their future health, in fact what we eat while preparing for pregnancy (male and female), during pregnancy, breast feeding and in the following years, is setting up your child for health or sickness. Why do we have the sudden onset of childhood diabetes? This is concerning, this in real terms mean they are likely to be on kidney dialysis by 30, possibility of losing their sight and they are at risk of amputation! This is in the prime of their life, not after they are 60 either, in my opinion is way too young.

How can you reverse diabetes without getting confused about the plethora of diets out there promising the world and more?

Eat real food – simple as that! Food without ingredient lists, food that has come from Mother Earth. (You’ll be surprised by what some items are made off – included some packaged meat!)  Food that offers health, not detract from health. I like to start people by crowding out the bad food, which for me, is pretty much what you find in supermarket aisles and fast food outlets.

By simply adding into our meals fresh fruit, vegetables, fermented foods, grains such as quinoa, millet or buckwheat. We are removing not wanted ingredients or food items, known as empty “foods” they don’t provide any nutritional value and are responsible for disease.  These are:

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Diet and soft drinks/cordials
  • Reduce animal consumption
  • Fast food binges
  • Ice cream, lollies or biscuits
  • White food, sugar, pasta and flour.

We don’t need to be master chiefs – we just need to eat good, simple food that is pact full of nutrients that serves our bodies well. I totally believe that our body has the ability to overcome illness if we nurture the environment.

Mother Earth requires, mulch, moisture, minerals and microbes. We are no different.  At Bottoms Up Colonics, we do this by “cleaning the house” a closed colonic, adding in fresh foods full of enzymes, minerals and fibre along with hydration.


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