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Clear body, clear mind, free spirit.

When you feel good on the inside, it naturally shows on the outside. At Bottoms Up we believe colon hydrotherapy is the key to a healthier more fulfilling life.

The Bottoms Up Story

Founder Sue Wilson set up Bottoms Up Colonics as she wanted to spread the word about digestive health and the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy. Her desire to educate people about the impact our digestive system can have on our physical and emotional health was the inspiration behind the first clinic.

With Bottoms Up, Sue has skilfully developed a user-friendly version of what is commonly called colonic irrigation. Her goal is to demystify the process and make colon hydrotherapy as much a part of everyday health as a visit to the dentist. Her philosophy is one of dedication, professionalism and openness as she raises awareness about the links between a clean colon and keeping the mind and body disease-free.


We’ve got a gut feeling about our business

Why is looking after your colon so important? The latest thinking from microbiologists suggests that the bacteria in our gut can affect not just our physical health, but also our state of mind. Good bacteria thrive in a clean environment and that shows in a glowing complexion, a healthy body and a sense of emotional wellbeing.

The benefits of colonics are many and as has been said in the past, disease begins and ends in the bowel. Contrary to popular belief, our digestive system is not self-cleaning. Just as we need to brush our teeth daily and see the dentist regularly to get basic plaque removed, we also need to look after our colon in the same way. After all, what is in the bowel is reabsorbed back into the blood stream.
At Bottoms Up we provide not just a comfortable, hygienic and odour-free treatment for our clients, but also implant wonderful nutrients, bacteria, electrolytes and herbs back into the body.

If we think of the colon as a compost bin, the trick is to produce healthy compost that nurtures and energises. By cleaning out your compost bin regularly and putting in foods that encourage good bacteria, we can choose to create an awesome fertiliser packed with nutrients.


Did you know tummy health affects your emotions and overall mood? During your visit to Bottoms Up we take the time to talk to you about your lifestyle and diet, and how you can maintain great tummy health for a happier life.


I am intrigued by the human body and gut health. Our complex makings make us a truly amazing machine that can endure so much.

Sue Wilson

Meet the Founder

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson spent 20 years in social work counselling children and families suffering from abuse and learning and behaviour disorders. She has gone on to complement this work with alternative therapies and nutrition, working with the complete system of mind, body and spirit to heal and balance people’s health.

Sue is a trained Colon Hydrotherapist and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and currently Bottoms Up is the only IICT-approved training provider in colonics, ensuring therapies are properly covered for professional indemnity and public liability. She is currently working towards Government accreditation of her closed colonics course.

In addition to this, Sue has trained overseas and regularly attends conferences to stay in touch with the latest thinking on the connection between gut health and the brain.

Her counselling experience benefits Bottoms Up clients, because when we release physically with a colonic treatment, we may release emotionally as well. Not surprising when you realise the colon is considered our “second brain” where serotonin (our happy drug) is produced and stored. Sue is uniquely qualified to guide you through the physical and emotional experience.

Nutrition has always interested Sue and she quickly realised how important this is to ensure long-term results with colonics. After some research she came across The Body Ecology Diet, founded by Donna Gates. Sue has trained with Donna since 2006 and has used Body Ecology principles to assist people to reclaim their digestive health. In 2014, Sue completed her training with the International Institute of Nutrition. She is constantly researching current thoughts on this topic and supports a probiotic and wholefood diet.

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