Tea Instructions

Tea Instructions


These instructions are for our range of teas, including :

Parasite, Candida, Biofilm, Ultra Systemic Detox, High Dose Vitamin C, Fermented Aloe Vera, Weight-Less, PMS, Cortisol, AMPK. (For preparation and dosing instructions to specifically treat the Blastocystis Hominis parasite, please refer to the ‘blasto’ protocol.

  1. Fill the glass bottle with warmish-hottish water. DO NOT put the teabag into boiling water. The water temperature should be approximately 38 to 40 degrees. Or, ‘baby bottle temperature’. If the water is boiling, or too hot, it will destroy the live enzymes within the tea. If you don’t have a thermometer, aim for in-between warm and hot. (One way to make this is to fill the provided glass bottle with 3/4 room temperature filtered water and 1/ 4 boiling water) .
  2. When the water temperature is just right, put the teabag into the bottle and seal it with the lid. The tea bag must stay in the bottle for the whole week – do not remove the tea bag until you have consumed all of the tea.
  3. Give the bottle a gentle tip upside down a few times to mix the water and teabag together. You’ll notice the water starts to change colour.
  4. Leave the bottle to sit out on the bench overnight for approximately 12 hours.
  5. After 12 hours, you can have your first dose, then store the bottle in the fridge (with the teabag in it).
  6. For adults, the recommended dose is 50ml morning and 50ml evening until the tea is finished! This should last 7 days. If you’re doing one of our belly teas (for parasites, candida, blasto, biofilm etc) you might notice some belly rumbling, bloating or gas. This is all normal as we are changing the environment of the belly. Be sure to sing out if this does not subside or is troubling, in any way.


Teenagers to Adults:
50ml morning and night for 7 days.

Children to Early Teens:
25ml morning & night, until finished.

Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers or small babies.

Or as prescribed by your therapist.