The MMMM – Gut Reset Program by Bottoms Up Colonic

The MMMM - Gut Reset Program​

Undo the lifelong damage to your microbial environment in just 21 days

Our immune system is in our stomach.

This is not an oversimplification, as up to 70% of all immune system activity is located in our bellies, and the key component of this complex environment are our good bacteria – our microbial communities that enable us to be healthy, energized and ready to take on the world. 

Disruption, damage or annihilation of these delicate ecosystems is the core trigger for numerous diseases and conditions. Some may even say, all of them.

The MMMM Gut Reset Program is specially designed to correct this core issue. It has a single purpose – to restore the perfect conditions inside of us.  

The MMMM – Gut Reset Program?

For the past 20 years, we have been in search of a complete solution that could fix years and even decades of digestive disruption.

And it all has to do with the following main areas:

Microbes: the inner microbial/bacterial universe essential for human life. 

Mulch: the inner microbial compost (terrain) – home for your good bacteria

Minerals: conductors of cellular energy throughout your body

Moisture: optimal cellular hydration for enhanced well-being

We’ve only recently uncovered an inspiring parallel, by looking at how Mother Nature operates and brings us life.

Everything starts with the soil, and in our analogy, this is the microbial compost – the home where our good bacteria live.

Moisture is the second major component. Without an adequate amount of water, there is no life; our inner system dries out, and everything gets clogged. Water has unique properties to create space and put things in motion.

And finally, without adequate minerals, the soil is just dirt and water. It’s the minerals that are the last piece of the puzzle. Constant exposure to stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, a state in which we’re constantly depleted of our essential minerals.

There is a long list of issues where this program can create a positive outcome

What’s involved?

Cleansing with Rojas colonics, good nutrition, fasting, and clinically formulated ‘teas’ to restore cellular processes and cellular detoxification.

You will receive:

  1.  Two colonics per week for 3 weeks (6 in total) with structured & triple filtered water (structured water not available in all clinics)

  2.  Four weekly clinically-formulated teas (12 in total)

  3.  One bag of belly soothing and repairing colon toner powder

  4.  Nutritional coaching and lifestyle advice from your certified therapist

  5.  Gentle guidance and accountability with fasting (where suitable)

  6.  Encouraged movement

  7.  Alternate week castor oil belly treatments (weeks 1 and 3)
What's involved