Tone de Colon


Colon toner offers toning to the colon to improve integrity, reduce inflammation and support motility. Specifically formulated for clients to take home after receiving colon hydrotherapy.

Chamomile relaxes the nervous system while reducing inflammation
Dehydrated prune to support motility 
Rhubarb which is a commonly used herb in Chinese medicine for digestive complaints such as constipation while supporting the kidneys
Angelica is a beautiful herb and supports not only the digestive by relieving gases it also supports the nervous and circulatory system
Slippery Elm reduces inflammation while offering lubrication to sooth the colon wall, along with supporting the urinary tract
Pectin a great water-soluble fibre that supports the digestive along with lowering cholesterol
Glutamine is an amino acid that is food for your intestine to build and repair damage from any bowel disease and inflammation Anise to reduce digestive gas
Cinnamon helps to stabilise blood sugars, removed yeast infections along with anti-inflammatory properties


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