Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – female hormone support

$20.00 INC GST

Cost: $20 per sachet

Reduces symptoms of periods including irregularity, pain and cramping, heavy flow, lack of libido, agitation/lack of patience, skin breakouts and better moods.
Peri menopausal and menopausal women: balances hormones, reduces hot flushes and night sweats, increases libido, energy and feelings of positivity.

This has been developed to address the causes of PMS not the symptoms that many other products are made to do, allowing for an entourage (flow on) of healing to occur in several areas, balance to occur and the body to find homeostasis.

Preparation: Heat 700ml of water to 38 degrees – don’t boil as you will kill the bacteria in the sachet. Pour into glass jar, then place the sachet in and seal with airtight lid. This has live bacteria within that will be activated with the water. Steep overnight at room temperature. Thereafter, keep refrigerated. Do not remove sachet.

Dose: 100ml twice a day.
For menopausal women, take 50 ml twice a day or if symptoms persist increase.

Course: 2 weeks prior to beginning of period. Menopausal women take daily


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