High Potency Encapsulated Vitamin C Tea


Cost: $22 per sachet

Benefits: Encapsulated. Protects the potency of the intake until it reaches the small intestine. If you take 1000mg orally (capsule) you only receive approximately 150 mg of vitamin c. Encapsulated, you will receive approximately 950 mg of vitamin c because the nutrient is encapsulated in a lipid until it reaches the small intestine where it is absorbed. This works as a sublingual as all teas do so there is a faster input into the blood stream.

Preparation: Heat 700ml of water to 38 degrees – don’t boil as you will kill the bacteria in the sachet. Pour into glass jar, then place the sachet in and seal with airtight lid. This has live bacteria within that will be activated with the water. Steep overnight at room temperature. Thereafter, keep refrigerated. Do not remove sachet.

Dose: 100ml twice a day.

Course: 3.5 days

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