Fermented Aloe Vera/Probiotics/Plant Digestive Enzymes/B Complex Tea


Cost: $25 per sachet


  • Assists in the treatment of Candida
  • Promotes stomach and liver health
  • Safely and gently cleanses digestive lining
  • Soothes digestive tract
  • Helps sustain healthy immune function
  • Offers a daily infusion of key nutrients
  • Maintains regular bowel function to reduce possibility of constipation
  • Offers a wide range of probiotics and enzymes

Preparation: Heat 700ml of water to 38 degrees – don’t boil as you will kill the bacteria in the sachet. Pour into glass jar, then place the sachet in and seal with airtight lid.  This has live bacteria within that will be activated with the water. Steep overnight at room temperature. Thereafter, keep refrigerated. Do not remove sachet.

Dose:  50ml twice a day

Course:  Seven days.

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