Candida program

$650.00 INC GST

What is it?

Take part in our nutritional program that focuses on easy digestion so your body can heal. It consists of five consecutive closed colonics with ozone and our probiotic implant plus our candida product that should be taken for seven days to optimise your results. The products remove Candida without causing autointoxication or die off symptoms by changing the internal environment so Candida is unable to survive.


Who should take part?

This program is particularly good for males and females with Candida problems. Signs and symptoms of Candida can be foggy brain, skin rash, irritable coated tongue, or consistent Urinary Tract Infections or thrush.


What is the cost?


Program package is non-refundable and will need to be paid in full at purchase.


How can I expect to feel after the program?

Typically there is a feeling of satisfaction and a reduction in symptoms that you initially presented with. Feeling lighter, cleaner and clearer with more energy is the common feedback we receive.


Are there any side effects?

This depends on where you are on your healing journey. The most common side effect is a healing crisis. You feel worse for a couple of days before you feel better. We strongly encourage you to call us if your program has finished and you have any concerns.


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