Candida Controller Tea


Cost: $45 per sachet

Benefits: Removes candida without causing autointoxication or die off symptoms by changing the internal environment so Candida is unable to survive. For males or females with candida problems. Signs and symptoms of candida can be foggy brain, skin rash, irritable coated tongue.

Preparation: Heat 700ml of water to 38 degrees – don’t boil as you will kill the bacteria in the sachet. Pour into glass jar, then place the sachet in and seal with airtight lid. This has live bacteria within that will be activated with the water. Steep overnight at room temperature. Thereafter, keep refrigerated. Do not remove sachet

Dose: 50 ml on rising, 50 ml before bed

Course: Seven days. We recommend you undertake two therapeutic colonics or enemas daily to support the removal of Candida or try our Candida program.

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