Addiction program

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What is it?

Addiction comes in all sizes and colours from drug and alcohol to sex and food. We find those that free themselves of addiction are those that get support and are willing to invest in themselves for at least six months to overcome it.

This six-month program covers all aspects of the mind, body and spirit, tapping into evidence-based research of how the gut affects the brain, psychotherapy and microbial balancing. We support this program with products to balance brain chemicals and support services including counselling, colonics, lymphatic drainage and nutrition. The program will offer you a new set of thoughts and ideas to assist in achieving an addiction free life.

I’ve partnered with Dr James Martin from the Nutri-Resource Centre who has developed a product for chemical addiction. He talks about a compulsion addiction being more of a behaviour issue, and a chemical addiction where the brain fires the wrong chemicals. 

My years of experience working in social work and psychotherapy, nutrition and gut health knowledge, personal experience coupled with this incredible chemical addiction product can be discreetly and easily accessed through one of our clinics. There will be no judgment, only support to allow the person to find the space to step into themselves – their body, mind and spirit. 

I invite you to join me on this journey that will change your life for the better.

Sue Wilson

Founder – Bottoms Up Colonics

Want to know more

Who should take part?

This program is good for anyone suffering from addictions. This can be anything from alcohol and drugs to sex, attention disorders, victimisation and food.

What the program does?

Here is the generalised protocol.

  1. We disrupt nerve communications via GABA, 5HTP etc.
  2. We increase the feel good enzymes. Serotonin, Dopamine etc.
  3. We work to balance the endocrine system’s outputs and pick up the start of toxin removal at the system level.
  4. We increase oxygen content and blood flow throughout the body.
  5. We increase the focus on removing nervous reactions. Think along the lines of epilepsy seizures being controlled.
  6. We move to the toxin removal at the cellular level. Think along lines of POLYPHENOLS, heavy metals via zirconium in the small intestine, encapsulated glutathione etc
  7. At this point we introduce our AMPK enzyme along with increased autophagy. We have the person do periodic fasting starting at 12-15 hours extending to 24 hours.
  8. During this process we introduce new bacteria etc.
  9. Colonics a undertaken a couple of times per week with infusions to control the HPA axis.
  10. A series of complex homeopathic remedies for anxiety, ADHD, compulsive behaviour and overactive nervousness.
  11. Formulas for overall pain and inflammation.

What is the cost?

Total cost $5,890.

People wishing to pay upfront will be eligible for a 30 per cent discount until end September which will bring the total down to $4123 – great value!

Payment plan options

There are two payment plan options offered at Gold Coast and Maroochydore clinics listed below. To arrange these please contact or call  (07) 3503 1461.

  1. Four equal monthly payments of $1472.50
  2. Six equal monthly payments of $982
TreatmentWhat I receiveCost
Initial consultExploring history, past strategies and intentions for future$220
Nutritional consult –An initial one-month cleansing program – happy guts program and eating guide for five months.$250
12 weekly consults with Sue Wilson founder of Bottoms Up ColonicsThis is a coaching/counselling consult with a holistic and shamanic framework using solution-focused therapies.$1800
18 chemical addiction products12 x beating addiction teabags
3 x parasite teabags
3 biofilm teabags
15 closed colonics sessions



6 x first month
4 x second month
2 x third month
1 x fourth month1 x fifth month1 x sixth month
9 lymphatic drainage sessions2 x first month
2 x second month
2 x third month
1 x fourth month
1 x fifth month
1 x sixth month

This program packages are non-refundable with three types of payment plans listed above.

How can I expect to feel after the program?

This program is about resetting your life, your beliefs and your dreams. It will allow you to feel lighter and more connected to yourself undertaking what traumas the addictions where covering. You will adopt tools to use moving forward to live your best possible life.

Are there any side effects?

We are working to rebalance you therefore it is a possibility you’ll experience some nausea or be a bit flat but this will only be temporary. If you are taking any medications we recommend you speak to your doctor or our preferred doctor minimise any side effects.

How many colonics should I have?

Additional information

Payment Options

Full Payment, 4 monthly payments, 6 monthly payments


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