We would never not brush our teeth, so why do we not clean our colon?

We would never not brush our teeth, so why do we not clean our colon?

Posted on Saturday, 21 Oct 2017 by Bottoms Up Colonics

not brush our teeth

’Because they are the Rolls Royce of cleansing’. ‘They are a cornerstone of health according to Hippocrates’. ‘They clean and hydrate our second brain that affects our first brain’.

We hear about gut health often and what to put into our belly to make our tummy healthy. Knowing that a happy belly affects our skin, our mood our overall health. We now know that we have more microbes in there running our life than neurotransmitters. But what we have managed to forget over the last 60-80 years is how to look after the most important part of our digestive system.  We would never not clean and empty our bins or the dishwasher filter, or the water filter. Nor would we not clean our teeth for a month or not have regular check ups with the dentist to remove the built up plaque. So why do we not clean our colon?Sure, one way to think about it is to see that it is just a waste pipe and leave it at that. Believing that your one poo a day or week is enough to clean out all the toxins you have eaten/absorbed, or that your constant bloat in the belly is just the way it is.Or another way to look at it is that our colon is the fertilizer for your body, for each and every cell. As what is in the waste system, is the highly nutritionally dense compost that is a home for trillions of bugs. They are, as our research now shows what determines how we think and feel. That is a pretty powerful role. And all this time we thought it was the brain in our head that controlled our thoughts!

But “what is a colonic” I can hear you asking, “what actually happens?”

A closed colonic is not to be confused with a colonoscopy that is a procedure that is undertaken by a Doctor in hospital. You might also be familiar with water enemas or coffee enemas that have been used for a long time particularly as part of the Gerson healing protocol for cancer. This is something you do yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom and it is basically infusing water into your rectum which goes mainly into your sigmoid colon. There are home enema kits at Kunara with further information regarding how to do this.Then we have closed colonics where the patient has a tube inserted into their rectum by a trained therapist; there is no force, this tube has two tubes attached: one for taking warm filtered water into the bowel, and one for taking the waste matter away. The therapist is with you at all times, often massaging your tummy to assist elimination; you are lying on your back with knees bent and a sheet over you.  It is discreet and a person’s integrity is ensured at all times. The treatment can last from 30 to 45 minutes and the patient has complete control at all times. While initially patients are anxious, normally after 10 minutes on the table with the water circulating the bowel, a heat pack on their tummy they start to feel relaxed and the process begins of filling and emptying to promote peristalsis and emptying of the waste matter.At the conclusion of the treatment the patients spend 5 minutes on the toilet, before leaving to get on with their day, on most occasions feeling clean, re-energised and connected to their wonderful life.  It is important that you ensure a clinic that does closed colonics has TGA approved devices and disposable kits, along with an accredited practitioner. Therapists trained in the 5 systems of care offer closed colonic support with the lymphatic, nervous, emotional/spiritual, microbe and neurotransmitters and of course we are cleaning out years of plaque, biofilm parasites from the colon while hydrating and restocking with good bacteria.

“This is why everyone is raving about them because when you walk out you feel freaking awesome”

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