Our new addiction program

Our new addiction program

Posted on Thursday, 15 Jul 2021 by Bottoms Up Colonics

Our addiction program

Addiction is the reliance on something to bring you some level of gratification that is usually for a short period of time. Addictions can often be mental or physical and unfortunately can be a direct outcome of a choice or choices you have made. Everyone has different addictions whether they are food, drugs, alcohol, control, victimisation – the list goes on. That’s why we’re introducing a new addiction or dependency product and program to offer you a new set of thoughts and ideas to assist in achieving an addiction free life.

The starting point in any health journey is to state and realise that only you are responsible for your health. Your actions can help you achieve your desired state of health – resulting in having a healthy, well functioning body. This is a body in homeostasis – a body in balance. As part of this healing journey different systems and functions in the body need to be addressed this includes your adrenal glands, cholesterol levels, thyroid and vitamin D. Our body’s are complex as is the products we use however, the program is simple. 

Our adrenals are a pair of glands that sit on top of your kidneys. These are often overlooked and are vital for overall health. They’re like a ‘traffic cop’ for your system, coordinating with your thyroid to move your system along and determine how fast everything moves. The adrenal and thyroid work together with the rest of your body.

Adrenal health starts with cholesterol, the precursor to end hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and cortisol. Cholesterol is not benign or damaging in its given initial form as a lipoprotein but it is necessary to get the adrenals and other glands functioning. Vitamin D requires cholesterol as a component. Bottom line – you need cholesterol to do bodily functions.

Our new addiction program and product is on its way to Australia. It will work to: 

* disrupt nerve communications via GABA, 5HTP and more 
* increase the feel good enzymes serotonin, dopamine and more 
* balance the endocrine system’s outputs and pick up the start of toxin removal at the system level. 

This product will be supported by a 6-month program that includes counselling, cleansing, mindset and nutritional support. 

Want to know more? Email sue@bottomsupcolonics.com.au if you are interested this month and ask for our July 30 per cent offer.

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