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Modern life is full of shiny objects, distractions. Not only taking us away from our community but our self. Our story, our journey while here on this II earth walk.  People often lost wondering what is their purpose, what is the point. Or people that have lived they believe their purpose have achieved everything they set out too, however now feel empty, lost, lonely. 

This weekend is to hop off the train of life for a moment. To take a moment to remember you, to remember your walk, to remember what is it you are here for. Remember time as we know it is a modern construct so we can make this moment into a life time. 

This is what ceremony is. To take a moment to acknowledge this point in time. To give gratitude to life. To spirit. To universe. To Mother Earth. To what ever it is or who ever it is that you know is there . To know to be busy is to be distracted. The classic job of the ego. 

This weekend we are connecting to ceremony to offer and hold a space  for you to remember you. To reclaim you and reconnect your head, heart and gut brains to rediscover your wisdom , your story , your oracle, yOUinverse 

ceremony is living with intention 


February 2021 TBC

9:30 AMArrive – settle in to your space and explore your surroundings
10:00 AM

Opening and Acknowledgment of ancestors and country

Introductions to get to know your weekend ceremony tribe/community

11:00 AM

What is ceremony.

Setting up the altar and sacred places for healing and inspiration a community one along with an individual one.

Learning how to transcribe our oracle our life manual for you to leave with.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PMMeet Kate our ceremonial food provider for the weekend. all food is organic and plant based for the weekend. To process and connect we need to allow our digestive to rest. Don’t fear you won’t be hungry.
1:00 PMMeet Josie who is going to lead and take you on a cacao ceremony meditation. To sit with mama cacao and yourself to connect to heart. It’s all about heart opening when we are learning to go within and tap into our Wisdom.
3:30 PMOracle time. Story time journal time quite time.
4:00 PMMeet Jillianne to weave our story into something that will forever be close to our heart.
7:00 PMDinner
8:30 PM­Fire and drumming ceremony.
Preparing, understanding respecting the fire to speak to grandfather fire with witness to leave with him, that which doesn’t serve any longer and to also walk forward in time laying our intentions.Drumming in the intentions set
10:00 PMRest dream and explore the other side.

February 2021 ​TBC

7:30 AMFood ceremony – breaking fast
9:00 AM – 10:00 AMSues teaching – how do we tap into our story ? Our wisdom earth ceremony, Rock Medicina. Rocks soil crystals plants – make your own chakra set of healing stones
1:00 PM – 2:00 PMFood ceremony lunchFood ceremony lunch
2:00 PM – 5:00 PMMeet Amy – “Re-igniting Our Heart Song & enhancing our life purpose”
An interactive exploration through sound as medicine in re-igniting & re-aligning our heart song as we are reminded of our most valuable technology as a human on planet earth with a take home personalised liquid crystal remedy.
5:00 PM – 6:00 PMJournal oracles reflection Youniverse
6:00 PM – 7:00 PMDinner
7:30 PM – 9:00 PMMeet Annalee to take us though being in our body, improvise dance music and fun and laughter
9:00 PMRest and walk on the other side

February 2021 ​TBC

TIME Agenda
8:00 AM Optional stretching by the pool to welcome your Spirit back in to your body
9:30 AM Naibai Medicine, ceremony of water of cleansing. What information vibration does water carry.
10:30 AM Meet Jill – Snake medicine woman. Feel and experience the medicine of these amazing creatures.
12:30 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Closure ceremony
3:00 PM Home

Please note none of these ceremonies come from an eclectic background with all us bringing in our own teachings trying to make sense of this earth walk that we find ourselves on.
Along with my experience my teachings and learnings over the years.

“In teaching ceremony I acknowledge all of my past and current teachers of the seen and unseen worlds. I am bringing this together as I believe as a global community this is what we have lost.” – Sue Wilson


Amy Corker

Presentation name : “Re-igniting Our Heart Song & enhancing our life purpose”

Description :

An interactive exploration through sound as medicine in re-igniting & re-aligning our heart song as we are reminded of our most valuable technology as a human on planet earth with a take home personalised liquid crystal remedy.


Lovingly supporting humans in choosing & remembering our souls free, I am here to spark JOY and ignite hearts, My Way. Currently based on the Gold Coast offering Kinesiology, Energy healing, Spiritual guidance, Sound & Liquid Crystal remedies can be prescribed to assist with integration process. My intention? Empowering myself & others to REACH & RAISE without suppression, collectively anchoring into Earth our individual soul gifts & reclaiming our power with love as my guide. As my son says “Mum helps people get next level”.


Presentation name : Serpent of Light

Description :

Jill guides you to connecting with the Wisdom & Divine Energy of White Snake Medicine.   A Transformational Heart Connection Therapeutic Experience.


Jill was an active Volunteer Reptile Wildlife Carer for 17 years rescuing Snakes with injuries from Humans who feared them.  Taking her on a mission to educate living in Harmony with them.  10 years ago Teenagers in the Autism Spectrum from Special Ed Units started to assist Jill for work experience, this opened her to the Gifts Snakes can share with us.

Jill now works with Snake Medicine including:

Snake Phobia,  Diversional Therapy,  Children with Autism,  Teenagers with Anxiety,  PTSD,  Snake Massage & Recreational activities with Python’s.


Half price gift voucher’s for a Snake Medicine Treatment

Mel Sanchez


Mel Sanchez Fernando is a Psychic, Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Medical Intuitive and Movement Coach who is committed to supporting clients through their journeys by sharing tools and techniques that can help them to move forward by recognising where the challenges are coming from and work through the layers to achieve healing and empowerment. But most importantly, bringing awareness to the quantum field and how each aspect of your healing practices impacts you on a quantum level. Mel draws on multiple modalities learned from the years of work she has done. These include NLP, Life Coaching, ThetaHealing, Hypnosis, Medical Intuitive, Dance Therapy and Intuitive Energy Healing. However, she finds that sometimes modalities can become limiting so she tends to work intuitively with whatever is most useful for the changes to happen in the easiest way possible for the client.


Intuitive Healing

Welcome to an experience of deep trauma and emotional baggage release, intuitive guidance and deep transformation. 

Our body’s are constantly communicating to us through all of our senses. When we are not attuned to these senses, energy can become stuck in areas of our body. A build up of stuck energy can manifest in the physical and  be represented to us via dis-ease and chronic illness. Our body’s can hold the key to many unanswered questions. 

During this session, you will be guided through each part of your body and assisted in discovering and identifying where energetic blockages may be residing in your body, which may have resulted from unresolved emotional traumas as well as the physical, mental and energetic trauma. You will gain some insights and learn new skills to access your own innate wisdom to create your own deep transformation.

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