After cancer retreat – a retreat for men and women

Join us for a weekend of warmth, connections and healing

After cancer retreat – a retreat for men and women

****Covid 19 certainly keeps us on our toes with border shutdowns and lockdowns being last minute in nature. Due to this, we’ve decided to postpone this event until 2022. We apologise if this causes you any inconvenience.******


Being challenged by cancer is not an easy pursuit as it changes you in ways that often cannot be expressed. Sometimes you may feel lost or have the expectation that you should be feeling better than you are. Your energy levels or confidence can be low or you just feel a bit disconnected from everyone. This is a very normal feeling.

Bottoms Up founder Sue Wilson has direct experience with exactly how you are feeling as she’s been through it. That’s why she has designed a retreat to help support you while you integrate back into your normal life – whatever that may look like post cancer treatment.

Join others that have experienced cancer treatment on a warm, journey of self-discovery that encourages rest, sharing, nutrition, and most importantly, healing. In a guided group you connect with others by sharing your story and how it has impacted you. You will also gain a better understanding of how your energy system and meditation can help heal you. Engaging in activities that will help nourish your body and mind is also at the top of the agenda.

There will be plenty for opportunities for self reflection with structured times for rest and some precious me time. A range of nutritious food options for those with different palettes and dietary requirements will also be available. An outline of the weekend can be viewed below.


Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th October 2021. 

These dates were recently changed to October due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise if this has caused you any inconvenience.


Beautiful, Cedar Creek Lodges in Mount Tamborine with a selection of accommodation options to choose from.


Start 3.00pm Friday and finish 3.00pm Sunday

How much:

$2,500 – this includes accommodation and nutritious food. 

Early bird special price is $1,999 and is valid until 17 September. 

How to book:

Email with subject line ‘After cancer retreat booking’


Friday afternoon

– Arrive and settle in at 3pm
– Welcome and share
– Life before cancer – what was it and what aspects do you wish to keep
– Setting your after cancer intention
– Fire ceremony to acknowledge and release the trauma from the healing journey

Saturday morning

– Personal journal swim meditation
– Nourishing breakfast
– Our body – mind body and spirit
– The role of cleansing to reset
– Lunch and quiet contemplation time (massage)


Saturday afternoon

– Making sense of diet and how to integrate this into your new life
– Developing your plan taking from Donna Gates
– Body Ecology
– Dr Joseph Mercola – fat for fuel
– Jane McLelland – starving cancer
– Fasting – intermittent and longer term
– Fermented foods
– Journal contemplation (massage) 

Saturday evening

– Nutritious dinner
– Movement and sound to switch off the ego and connect with body, self and spirit.

Sunday morning

– Personal journal swim meditation
– Nourishing breakfast
– Mindset – how does this play a role how to observe, become aware and reframe. 

Sunday noon

– Lunch, massage, journal and swim
– Planning for the future.
– What does stepping out mean?
– What is the next step?
– What is the support and accountability available to you?

Finish 3pm