Weight ‘less’ – reducing stress in the mind

Weight ‘less’ – reducing stress in the mind

Posted on Thursday, 15 Jul 2021 by Bottoms Up Colonics

reducing stress in the mind

Have you been chasing an illusionary number on the scales? I was too until I determined that sustained weight loss is complex. That is, if our body is out of balance then so is our weight.  Our Weight ‘less’ program works on making you feel well in five key areas.

1. Weight ‘less’ supplement kicks up the waste removal capabilities of the body through the endocrine gland system.
2. Fermented Aloe Vera with probiotics and B vitamins offering energy healing and regeneration.
3. PMS and hormonal support to balance stress hormones and the nervous system.
4. Cleansing – asking your body to dump and not empty the rubbish bin is a sure way to go backwards as autointoxication sets in. We use closed colonics and lymphatic drainage. 
5. Diet – when cleansing, plant based is always going to serve you best. However we will meet you where you’re at diet wise maybe just removing takeaway food initially. 

Loosing weight and being well is something that requires a multipronged approach. If you’ve had no luck in the past or find yourself to be on the ‘yo yo’ rollercoaster or are just plain confused about what you can and can not have, this program may just work for you. 

There will be an initial free 15-minute phone consult to see if it’s a program that is suitable and matches your needs. Normal package price of six sessions plus products is $998. July we are offering this incredible deal for $850 just in time for summer. Call or email us now to take advantage of this offer 07 3503 1461 or sunshine@bottomsupcolonics.com.au

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