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Join the Bottoms Up family

Why choose a Bottoms Up Colonics License?

Run a business that’s rewarding and satisfying

Joining the Bottoms Up Colonics family means you’ll be part of a community that’s passionate about helping people understand the benefits of maintaining their digestive system. If you’re looking for a License opportunity that will give you independence, recognised training and the deep satisfaction of making a difference to people’s wellbeing, then you’ll feel right at home running a Bottoms Up Colonics clinic.

The Bottoms Up Mission
Helping people feel better in body and mind

Our founder, Sue Wilson, set up Bottoms Up Colonics to increase public understanding of what colonic hydrotherapy is and to make its benefits available to all Australians. At Bottoms Up we aim to educate clients on better digestive health to assist them to reclaim their health through understanding their body and what it needs for overall health.

Health and Mood

The benefits of running a Bottoms Up Colonics License

  • A skilfully developed, successful and user-friendly business model
  • 100% Australian owned and operated locally
  • Excellent business support including design, IT and reception
  • Weekly conference calls with Sue to talk about cases and get clinical advice.
  • Supportive community helping each other grow and learn.
  • At the forefront of best practice in colonic hydrotherapy and digestive health.
Australia Owned

Why I joined Bottoms Up

Since opening my Bottoms Up Clinic, I’ve turned my life around

I’ve learnt an incredible amount and it has brought me a lot of peace. I feel really confident and successful. I get daily feedback from my clients to say that colonic hydrotherapy has helped them in so many ways. This makes me so happy and I’m grateful that I’m able to help people. It’s the best decision that I’ve made in a very long time.
Janita Blinco, Bottoms Up Colonics Bundaberg, License Owner

Opening your Bottoms Up Colonics Clinic After we’ve met and spoken about the business comes the really exciting part of setting up shop and trading.

  • Choose your location
  • Connect with our large and resourceful team for support with signage, artwork, bookings reception, technical help and more.
  • Train in colonic hydrotherapy – Bottoms Up is currently the International Institute for Complementary Therapists’ only approved training provider.
  • Spend one-on-one time with Sue during the set up period and benefit from her expertise and advice on running your business.
  • Get phone support from Sue on your cases any time, any day.
  • Enjoy promotion for your business through Sue’s popular digestion seminars, held in the local area.
  • Work with the best colonic devices and kits – we are the only colonic clinics in Australia with TGA approved equipment.
  • Partner with Transcom SL, leaders in colonic devices and hydro kits with CE and FDA approvals to ensure client safety and comfort.
  • * Get together at our annual conference and participate in professional development sessions offered 4 times a year.

Bottoms Up has adopted the Licenselegal and administrative model

Bottoms Up has adopted the License legal and administrative model, which when used correctly is a great example of an interdependent relationship where all involved have the opportunity for great success, allowing the person’s identity to be preserved however belonging to a group that supports continual growth in numbers and voice through market share. However what underpins Bottoms up and the founder is the connection to the “Mystery” ‘Spirit” to “Universe”. It is through this being in Service that restrospectivally has led Bottoms Up where it is today. People interested in coming on board with Bottoms up need also be aligned to the understanding that we have universal connection and to heal our client and the community and the world and Mother Earth we first have to be open to heal ourselves. We are a soul based business.

“Seeing someone’s face light up with the relief and joy of feeling good in their own skin is an indescribably amazing moment.”

Sue Wilson, Founder of Bottoms Up

Mackay clinic for sale

Unique business opportunity to buy Bottoms Up Mackay.

This is one of our original clinics, and has been trading well over 10 years. We service both our long time loyal clientele along with new clients.

As part of the Bottoms Up team, you will be supported by colleagues around the country and world.

North Mackay is experiencing large growth in both infrastructure and housing, which directly benefits the local economy.

This original clinic has great potential for increased revenue for the right therapist.

If you would like more information, please contact Karen Nicholson on 0429 410 319.

Franchise Opportunity

Want to know more?

If you are interested more information about a Bottoms Up Colonics license, contact company founder Sue Wilson and she’ll be in touch.