Colonics – is there a magic number?

Colonics – is there a magic number?

Posted on Thursday, 02 Sep 2021 by Bottoms Up Colonics

Colonics – is there a magic number?

We’re often being asked about how many colonic sessions people should have? Is there a magic number? The answer depends on an individual’s health goals. How are they feeling, their symptoms, issues and whether they are seeking a short or long term health solution.  

After working in this industry for nearly 20 years and seeing around 20 thousand patients, my perspective continues to evolve based on the reasons below.

Influences on our health

  1. Around 20 years ago, colonics were seen to address digestive issues, primarily constipation, by cleaning the large colon of built-up faecal matter. Now people present with symptoms that aren’t just related to the colon. 
  2. Mainstream medicine now even talks about the importance of gut health in overall health and the need to reduce inflammation. 
  3. Our bodies have more bacteria than cells and these affect our mental and physical health. 
  4. The gut health industry has grown along with the amount of people now affected by auto-immune, cancer, diabetes and obesity. 
  5. Our new world is stressful and toxic. Since World War II, the number of fast-food outlets, packaged processed foods and supermarkets with multiple aisles has increased exponentially. 
  6. Our soil is sprayed with toxic substances.
  7. Our skin and hair is lavered with toxins and implant toxins in the guise of beauty treatments.
  8. Water we drink is riddled with chlorine and fluoride.
  9. Sleep deprivation is a growing epidemic.
  10. Being alert and hyper vigilant has become the new kind of normal. We are always worried about the person driving next to us, being late for work or picking up the kids. 
  11. Being in a state of flight or fight coupled with our vagus nerve in a constant loop – means we are revving at top gear and getting nowhere.  
  12. Winding down or just being seems to be evaporating – even when we have a moment there’s emails and social media to attend to or Netflix to watch.

Our bodies aren’t keeping pace with these changes – our digestive system hasn’t developed an enzyme to break down the toxic load of these additives including the dangerous food flavour enhancer 621 (MSG), our bodies aren’t coping without adequate rest and we aren’t filling our bodies with nutritious food. 

Training and treatment timeline 

Training and treatments performed over the years has increased my knowledge and understanding of gut health, the colon and our cells and influenced my view of colonic regularity.

During my initial training in 2004, the common thought was once a year or maybe more if you were recovering from cancer. Some therapists would suggest twice a year or with the change of seasons. 

When treating patients from 2004, I encouraged them to have three colonics, a week apart and then return for monthly sessions. Now looking back this just seems too little, the colon is just one of those gifts that just keeps on giving. 

In 2007, I trained with Donna Gates, founder of the body ecology diet. She talked about increasing the number of colonics to remove toxins at a cellular level. At the time she was helping kids recover from vaccination harm and spoke a lot about bacteria and yeasts and rebalancing them. My initial colonic training had only taught me about the 200 bacteria inside our colon, nothing about the need for diversity in the types of bacteria required for a healthy gut. From here I started giving myself more colonics to see what would happen. I also encouraged my patients to have more, changing my overall perspective significantly. 

Influence of Rojas Technique and water temperature

Back in the mid to late 2000s, I questioned the water temperature used in a colonic as I felt that using cooler water would be better. This was met with hesitation from therapists and the industry as they thought it may disrupt the bacteria too much or make the colon lazy. Results in the clinic were very different though. 

In 2012, I was invited by Luis Rojas to attend training in Los Angeles. Here I found answers around the number of colonics and water temperature. As part of the training, I had 10 consecutive sessions using 25 degree water. I felt incredible.

Since then, I’ve been looking at our programs and how we undertake colonics, how people respond, how we heal and re-feed to achieve optimal results.  

In more recent years while teaching Rojas Technique, I have a new respect for our body and how hard it works daily to keep us well. I respect it’s ability to store huge amounts of toxic waste and self-regulate to function daily.

During teacher training, we do nine consecutive sessions with surprising results. With one trillion cells there’s plenty of space for a lot of parasites, heavy metals and yeasts to grow. With consecutive sessions, we hydrate and flood our cells with water, allowing toxins to be lifted from the cells and removed through elimination pathways. 

It’s a whole lot more than cleaning out the colon. It’s flooding the system so when it subsides it leaves space for healthy bacteria and yeasts to grow, and our immune to thrive. Also, we don’t take all the good bacteria but yes, we do take a little but restore it by using probiotics and other infusions.

So how many sessions do you need?

It really depends on your answers to the following questions.

  • What symptoms do you have and how long have you been unwell? 
  • Are you looking to change your lifestyle or are you looking for a quick fix? 
  • Do you want to age well? 
  • Do you want to connect to your body and reclaim your health or do you want me to fix it for you? 

Based on the patients I see and the negative influences on our health, people really need to just start their wellness journey now. Start by having five consecutive sessions supported by a parasite or systemic detox product then have one session per week after this for a month. Then continue with monthly sessions until you feel like you need to do another intensive cleanse.

Regardless of what you decide, remember your body right now is working so hard to keep you well while under constant attack. It wasn’t designed for our current environment and lifestyles as they haven’t adapted as much as you may think. The last 60 years is really a minute of time since the industrial revolution. 


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